2015 Thrush 510G

  • 2015 Thrush 510G
  • 2015 Thrush 510G
  • 2015 Thrush 510G
  • 2015 Thrush 510G

2015 Thrush 510G

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Airframe: 550 hours TT (Approx.)


510 Gallon Hopper

MVP-50T Glass panel color display

228 gallon (useable) fuel capacity

2 inch stainless steel spray system

41 inch stainless steel gate box

4340 chrome-moly steel spar caps

Stainless steel bottom fuselage skins

Alodine Chromicoat L25 for corrosion resistance

Massive overturn structures

Quick detach fuselage skins

28 – volt electrical system

24 – volt battery

Wire deflector cable

Cockpit wire deflectors

Stainless steel rudder cables

Outside air temperature gauge

All metal Empennage

Zee Systems electric air conditioner/cabin heat

High flotation 29-in. tires

Cleveland dual caliper disc brakes

Wing root fairings

Windshield wiper and washer

Front Baggage compartment

Additional Options:

Satloc Bantam with G4 screen

Intelliflow flow control

Hatfield Single Point fuel with automatic shut off

Electric fan brake Model 111F


Vortex Generators

Leading edge LED lights

Night working lights/Landing lights

LED NAV/Strobes

Hopper Rinse system

RCA 2600-3 Artificial Horizon

Reabe Hopper level indicator

*STC Approval for Night Vision Flight