2013 Thrush 510P

  • 2013 Thrush 510P
  • 2013 Thrush 510P
  • 2013 Thrush 510P
  • 2013 Thrush 510P
  • 2013 Thrush 510P

2013 Thrush 510P

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2013 Thrush 510P 

Airframe: Approx. 1000 hours TT


Approx. 1000 Hours TT, 10 hours SHOT, PT6A-34AG

Approx. 1000 Hours TT - Hartzell 3 blade prop


510 Gallon Hopper

MVP-50T Glass panel color display

228 gallon (useable) fuel capacity                          

2 inch stainless steel spray system  

41 inch stainless steel gate box

4340 chrome-moly steel spar caps  

Stainless steel bottom fuselage skins

Alodine Chromicoat L25 for corrosion resistance

Massive overturn structures

3 – in. left side loader    

Quick detach fuselage skins

28 – volt electrical system

Dual 24 – volt batteries   

250 amp Starter generator

Solid-state generator control unit 

Wire deflector cable

Cockpit wire deflectors

Stainless steel rudder cables

Outside air temperature gauge

Spring steel tail wheel assembly  

All metal Empennage

Zee Systems electric air conditioner/cabin heat

High flotation 29-in. tires

Cleveland dual caliper disc brakes

Wing root fairings 

Upper and lower hopper windows 

4130 chrome-moly tubular steel fuselage   

Aileron servo tabs

Adjustable mesh (cool) seats

Sealed cockpit enclosure

Windshield wiper and washer                                     

Adjustable rudder pedals

Navigation and instrument lights                  

Wing tip navigation & strobe lights

Cockpit lighting    

K&N barrier filter system

Polyurethane Finish

Powder coating (Airframe, engine mounts, and Landing gear)

Additional Options:

Hemisphere G4 GPS w/Flow control

Single point re-fuel (Hatfield with Auto shutoff)

Vortex Generators


Electric fan brake Model 111F 

Hopper Rinse 

LED leading edge lights

Garmin SL40 Comm